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Client Endorsements

Endorsement Letters From Satisfied Clients

"This is a fabulous report! It saved me hours of personal research, and definitely gives me a better sense of where I should concentrate my time (and money) for the benefit of my three little ones. The names of persons in charge of the programs is especially helpful as is your insight into the capability of the districts to handle the programs.

Again, thank you very much. This will prove to be helpful to me in many aspects of our move."

Michelle, an Accenture associate

"The expertise, accuracy, insight, and diligence SchoolMatch displayed in carrying out the Educational Effectiveness Audit of the Columbus Public Schools provided the quality of analysis that met our expectations in every respect."

John F. Wolfe
Publisher, Chairman and CEO
The Columbus Dispatch

Strategic Alliances:

    The SchoolMatch Institute is a not-for-profit center at the University of Dayton designed to extend and enhance the delivery of Audit services.

    Other SchoolMatch strategic alliances have been developed with organizations such as:

  • IBM Business Consulting Services
  • High/Scope Educational Research
  • Foundation
  • Lexis-Nexis
  • Parents
  • Westlaw
  • parentsoup
  • MGT of America

SchoolMatch has been featured by:

  • USA Today
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Business Week
  • The Today Show - NBC
  • American School Boards Journal
  • CBS News
  • American Demographics
  • National Public Radio
  • Better Homes and Gardens
  • Parents
  • Money
  • Good Housekeeping
  • American Journal of Family Law
  • Cable News Network - CNN
  • Newsweek
  • Changing Times
  • Good Morning America - ABC
  • Education Week

"We offer an unqualified endorsement of SchoolMatch. SchoolMatch is able to perform an audit and compare the results of school systems being audited with those of similar demographics. The steps of the Audit are important in order to help a system establish appropriate measures for both improvement and standards of performance."

William T. McConnell
Chairman, Park National Bank
President, American Bankers Association, 1997-98

"The Effectiveness Audit done for school systems/schools by SchoolMatch is the best evaluation tool available on the market for both the school systems and the citizenry that they serve. The audits yield valuable data that enable the district to make valid comparisons to systems with similar demographics and provide a basis for an overall system-wide improvement plan."
Donald R. Thompson, PhD
President, American Association of School Administrators, 1996-97
"The Board officers, administrative staff, faculty and parents who you came into contact with during the FairCompare process were very impressed with your approach, presentations and overall competence. As a result, the audit report will be viewed with a high degree of credibility and validity."
James C. Manley, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Record
North Area Superintendents,
Allegheny County (PA)
"SchoolMatch provided us with many valuable recommendations and is to be commended for an outstanding job. I would highly recommend SchoolMatch to any system desiring an honest and truthful accounting of their effectiveness."
Andy Ford
President, Duval Teachers United,
AFL-CIO, Jacksonville, FL
"I appreciate your hard work, persistence, prodding, nudging, and sometimes pushing. We have a good result and we have people started on the right road of asking data questions."
Jane Burger
The Grable Foundation
"The audit will help the district build upon its strengths, as well as strengthen our efforts in those areas identified as in need of further attention."
Thomas S. Tocco, Ph.D.
Superintendent, Fort Worth (TX) ISD
"Taxpayers demand accountability in education. The SchoolMatch scorecard of national, comparative data gives the community measurable benchmarks. Program improvement and effectiveness will now be measured by more than anecdotal evidence."
Kerry G. Kirschner
Executive Director
The Argus Foundation
"SchoolMatch took tough questions when they needed to be asked. The result was a balanced look at the successes and failures. Our readers saw that balance and the study is having an impact on our community. SchoolMatch met or exceeded all of our deadline requirements. This project will have a long-standing effect on our schools."
Mark Middlebrook
Assistant Managing Editor/Project
Editor, Florida Times-Union
"This project is one of the best we’ve ever done. The audit enabled us to deliver a great deal of information to our readers about a subject that is of critical importance."
Diane H. McFarlin
Executive Editor
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
"The report is extremely fair and accurately portrays our district. It was a pleasure working with the many dedicated professionals at SchoolMatch."
Donald Lee, Ph.D.
Shaler Area (PA) Public Schools
"I commend the process, and I recommend SchoolMatch to other interested school districts, including their teacher unions."
Albert Fondy
President, Pittsburgh Federation of
Teachers, AFL-CIO
"I remain excited and energized by the communities’ responses. Your audit was thorough and fair and confirmed many of the areas needing additional focus and resources."
Janice Mee
Chairman, Sarasota County (FL)
School Board, Past-President,
Florida School Boards Association
"SchoolMatch certainly relieves anxiety about school systems for families."
Harley E. Rouda, Sr.
Chairman, HER Realtors
President, National Association of
Realtors, 1991
"We were able to establish standards based on nationally normed quality data that serves as our growth targets. Our participation in this endeavor helped Terrebonne Parish exceed the state requirements. The Audit of Educational Effectiveness will assist our educational planning for improvement."
Frank D. Fudesco, Ph.D.
Terrebonne Parish (LA) Public Schools
"I would highly recommend SchoolMatch to anyone interested in learning more about the quality of their schools and local community."
The Honorable Jay Hottinger
Ohio Senate

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